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Standard Products...

Precast concrete products, ready for install.

Standard Blocks...
24" deep x 48" long x 24" tall

This is our standard block.  These blocks can be installed in a straight line or with a radius design (minimum of 17' radius).

precast concrete block; concrete block
precast concrete block; top concrete block; precast; monster block

Top Blocks...
24" deep x 48" long x 24" tall

If you plan to top your wall with rock, sand or sod, use top-blocks! 

These have a recessed top which can be filled with rock, sand or sod to provide your finished look. 

Standard 2' x 4', RH & LH corner blocks (2' x 4') or RH & LH sloped tops are available.

precast concrete block; concrete block; retaining wall; monster block
precast concrete steps; concrete steps; concrete; landscape steps; rock faced

48" width

Rock-faced or flat, steps are 48" width x 7" tall x 30" in depth with a broom-finish top.

Boat Ramps
12' - 20' long (available in 2' increments)

Boat ramps slats have a rough finish and can be poured in 12' length up to 20' length and are available in 2' increments.

Slats bolt together with supplied link system.

Pockets can be filled with rock, sand or concrete.

boat ramp, boat ramps, concrete boat ramp, concrete boat ramps, concrete ramps
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